▷ Bearing 608-ZRO2 | 8X22X7mm full ceramic deep groove ball bearing



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Data sheet
Bearing numbering
Bearing seals 
Internal diameter (d)
8 mm
External diameter (D)
22 mm
Height (B)
7 mm
Clarity between steels
Radial dynamic load capacity 1,100 N ≈ 1,1 qq
Loading capacity Radial static
1,350 N ≈ 1,35 qq
Fatigue Limit Capacity
71 N ≈, 07 qq
Limit speed 1,000 rpm
Reference speed
34,500 rpm
Calculation factor 12,4

These bearings are made of ceramic (zirconia) and are usually lubricated with solid lubricants. Designed of ceramic both the track and the steels, and of high resistance resin the housing. They can be used in highly corrosive liquids or water, and have excellent impact resistance.

Durability table of bearings made of special materials:

Tabla de durabilidad de los rodamientos de material especial


This type of bearings works well in environments where other bearings do not, even under these conditions:

  • Magnetic fields
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Electric fields
  • Corrosive areas
  • Saltwater

    These types of bearings are usually immersed in chemical solution, and can work ideally. 

    Data on the ceramic with which it is manufactured:

     Density 6.0 g / cc
    Density coefficient 10.5X10-5 K-1
    Vicker hardness 1200 HV
    Longitudinal elasticity of the mold 220 GPa
    poisson's ratio
    break points 200 MPa
    Fracture hardness 5 Mpa * m1 / 2
    Temperature resistance (at atmospheric pressure) 200 ºC
    Thermal resistance 350 ªC
    Thermal conductivity coefficient 3 W / (m * K)
    Specific temperature 460 J / (kg * K)


    For the assembly of this type of bearings, it must first be verified that both the shaft and the part do not have damages that could alter the integrity of the bearing, later it is recommended to use a hydraulic press so that they remain in the required position. Keep in mind that this bearing is more fragile than a standard one, avoid hitting it at all costs. For lubrication, refer to the instructions for your equipment.